While my formal education has focused on a mix of technical and business subjects, my interests can be best described as meandering without any premeditated plan. I'm a voracious reader and try to juggle my personal knowledge management so I can make connections across the disciplines I'm drawn to. If you and I are going to have a conversation, you can get me started by talking about:


  • The role of technology in humanity (Artificial Intelligence, Working-from-home, Social Media, Internet as a force-for-good)
  • Innovation
  • Human psychology (biases, listening, sleep, change) 
  • Society (democracy, tribalism)
  • The future of Education
  • Economics (growth, sustainability)
  • Nature
  • Philosophy (from Stoicism to Buddhism, the universality of human beliefs)
  • Productivity and Personal Knowledge Management
  • any passion you might have.


I love teaching & explaining concepts, combining Systems Thinking with my didactic skills. If I can help someone see a system or bigger picture, my day is a good day.


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If you're interested in the formal education I had, check out my LinkedIn profile.