Innovation has always been the object of my affection, even though I did not grow up to be the'inventor' I envisioned to become when I was 6 years old. The reasons why I love Innovation are plentiful.


Innovation brings purpose. That's because solving problems is at the core of all true innovation. There's always a 'why?' involved. If there's no 'why?', there's no innovation, just novelty.


The ideation part of innovation is all about creativity, which is one of my favourite subjects to talk about and coach people on. Combining ideas and concepts from all corners of your (teams) broad interests can yield the most astonishing results. And the great part is, creativity of this type can be learned and improved when given the right attention!


Finally, while many businesses see innovation (like automation) as a way of cost-cutting, I feel it is about growth into new territory or improving on existing products or services. It's the rejuvenating part of any business. When competing with others on innovative power, it's pushing each other to greater heights. Like in sports, these are the type of games that makes all parties better.


If you are interested in becoming more innovative, as a person or as a company, I'd love to see if I can help you get better. By teaching methods and frameworks, coaching on mindset, helping you devise organisational changes or just being part of a good brainstorm. Give me a call or book my Innovation Office Hours.