It's time to build! As 'thinking' and 'doing' fight for the same resources, having an action-biased attitude pays off. If you start realising things, your ideas will be confronted with reality and feedback, greatly increasing your learnings. No wonder that fast feedback cycles are at the core of most modern management methodologies. 


As a lens for looking at bigger projects, one viewpoint of Apple's Jony Ive always resonates with me:


"I’ve always thought there are a number of things that you have achieved at the end of a project. There’s the object, the actual product itself, and then there’s all that you learned. What you learned is as tangible as the product itself, but much more valuable because that’s your future."


I think this lens gets even better when you add the relationships between the people involved. Great projects build teams that go on to do great projects.


My favourite projects:

  • Have a complex, technological angle that I can help structure
  • Let me contribute to a better functioning team.